Other Books by Finith Jernigan

BIG BIM 4.0: Ecosystems for a Connected World, softcover – ISBN 978-0985535933

BIG-BIM-little-bim: The Practical Approach to Building Information Modeling – Integrated Practice Done the Right Way! Second Edition – softcover ISBN 978-0-9795699-2-0.

Path to Certainty: A BIM Chronology – softcover ISBN 978-0-9795699-3-7.

Makers of the Environment: Building Resilience into Our World One Model at a Time. BIM of the Book about Information! – softcover ISBN 978-0-9795699-6-8.

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ABOUT BIG BIM 4.0: The award-winning BIG BIM 4.0 earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards! BIG-BIM 4.0: ECOSYSTEMS FOR A CONNECTED WORLD shows how to use your strengths to thrive in the revolutionary changes emerging in the built world. Written from the perspective of BIG BIM, this book expands the concepts in Finith Jernigan’s, award-winning BIG-BIM-little-bim—The Practical Approach to Building Information Modeling to connect you to the power and opportunities of the ecosystems that are emerging. Filled with workflows, case studies, and anecdotes from the front lines, BIG BIM 4.0 leads readers toward understanding and using BIG BIM to create a more sustainable and resilient world.

ABOUT BIG-BIM-little-bim: The award-winning BIG-BIM-little-bim was among the first books to tell of the big changes happening every day in the world of BIM. The second edition of BIG-BIM-little-bim expanded coverage of the practical applications of BIM for the entire construction industry. The book highlights the phenomenon of the worldwide BIMStorm, and gives user-friendly approaches that architects, engineers, owners, builders, facility managers, educators and students can understand and apply today. Finith Jernigan, an internationally recognized leader in BIM, shows you how to leverage resources, compete in a worldwide market, and become more efficient and productive in the planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities.

ABOUT PATH TO CERTAINTY: Path to Certainty, describes an architect’s path from tradition to a more efficient and sustainable future. This book was designed to help students to understand the milestones and critical issues that led to the award-winning book, BIG-BIM-little-bim to help them begin an exploration of how to leverage our scarce resources, compete in a time of uncertainty, and become more efficient and productive in the world of tomorrow

ABOUT MAKERS OF THE ENVIRONMENT: Makers of the Environment is a book written around scenarios that highlight what BIG-BIM can do today. The scenarios are fictional projections, not case studies. The scenes show readers some of the opportunities that come into focus as they embrace BIG-BIM.

Using real-world, albeit fictional scenarios, Makers makes the case that BIG-BIM is here and in use today. Farming uses BIG-BIM to manage no-till farms to be more sustainable and efficient. Healthcare has become a connected system to respond to tight budgets and societal needs. Disaster preparedness and recovery are dependent on BIG-BIM from start to finish. The internet thrives on BIG-BIM apps and systems. As productivity and inefficiency decline, how can the building industry not do the same?

Makers is both a print book and a dedicated website. It offers readers links to the wisdom of others to improve understanding. The site is free to all and links to external information via Web-enabled devices, using tags. The tags let one embed information links into a printed book. Using the tags, readers can to jump to more detailed and technical discussions about topics included in the book. The tags use the Microsoft Tag format. They establish direct links to more information. Think of them as a glossary on steroids.