BIG-BIM has Arrived

Organizations such as the California Community Colleges, the US Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense Healthcare System use BIG-BIM. They embrace a more systemic approach to the lifecycle of their assets. Their approach mirrors the way that data operates across the Internet. They are finding the change efficient and beneficial, TODAY. You can too.

Much has changed. When Finith wrote BIG-BIM little-bim, BIG-BIM was a concept. Collaborative systems, sustainable ecosystems, and model servers were just beginning to emerge. Now, this has changed and BIG BIM can be used effectively by anyone that truly understands the power of the internet.

The Internet continues to transform our relationship with data, systems and welded together software. Functional model servers exist in the Cloud, and one can access and use them today. Web services underpin many of the tools we use every day. This complex system affects us all, every day in everything we do. We can no longer afford the distorted thinking that pervades the building industry.

We need systematic and dynamic approaches that allow us to fold together technology and today’s business processes to improve the way we work. Such decision-making processes are already happening in many industries. The travel industry, healthcare, financial markets, music distribution, lodging, personal transportation, and other industries are transforming their core business processes. Information over web-based mobile devices is enabling people to make faster and more informed decisions to improve their productivity.

Now is the time to make the effort to see this world as it is. Beliefs grounded in evidence, rather than emotion or desire, are the foundations to becoming a BIG-BIM expert. Use your critical thinking skills to evaluate and use new tools and processes to better the built world. Even though the evidence may at times contradict your initial beliefs.