Design Fictions

Design fiction, isn’t fiction but a technique for thinking ahead, predicting future technologies, potentially influencing policy, but most importantly creating a debate by asking what-if? In this way, fiction can become a tool to help design future societies and technologies, giving the public a say on it too.

— Imagination Lancaster

The design fictions that follow are designed to highlight the possibilities and opportunities that BIG-BIM provides in situations that require early stage analysis and planning for resilience. The materials have four goals:

1. At the community level, the they involve everyone.

2. At the organization level, they connect business needs with state-of-the-art mission delivery and sustainability to better support the community.

3. At the system level, they promote resilience and comprehensive strategies for the future of the system and the community.

4. At the facility level, they help stakeholders make design decisions in a way that connects people with business needs.

At all levels, they supplement and enhance other material earlier in this book.