If it were not for mistakes, how would we learn and improve? On December 30th, my friend Randy Deutsch AIA, LEED AP posted about Makers of the Environment in his BIM + Integrated Design blog. Within the post, Randy writes about a significant error that he found as he read Makers. I thank him for bringing it to my attention. Unfortunately I did not read Randy’s post until Sunday.

Some of you bought the book with this error.

I felt that those of you that bought the book and spent the time to read it deserved a correction. The print version of Makers of the Environment included two and a half pages of repetitive text beginning in the middle of page 23 and ending on page 25. The redundant text evidently was added in the last round of paste-up and everyone missed it. Fortunately the error only occurred in the print version and none of the many ebooks. If you bought the book for Nook, Kindle, iBook, et al. the error does not affect you.

There is a “btw.” at the end of this post that you might want to read, tho’.

The graphic designers have the correction in hand. In about a week the book will come off the shelf for a couple of days and go back up with the issue fixed. One of the many advantages of starting your own publishing house is that things like this can be corrected with little or no fuss.

For those that bought the print version with this error, I am offering a replacement book as soon as the error is fixed.

I would appreciate your letting me know if you have one of the books with this error. I will make sure that you get a replacement copy as soon as the updated book becomes available. Please send me a note at my personal email referencing your purchase information and address. The printer cannot ship to PO boxes, so make sure to send your physical address.

btw. Randy also expressed concern about the grey boxes in the print version. The text in grey boxes is my attempt to differentiate fact and opinion from the design fiction parts of the book. The grey boxed text should be considered in the same context as all of the other AECOO books in the Process re-engineering/BIM/IP genre. All other text in the body of the book is design fiction.

It is my hope that you find Makers of the Environment a good read and that it will start you thinking about the issues and opportunities that we face. Too often these days, we default to the negative messages that permeate the media and discussions about the construction industry. There really are other ways to move forward than those too often represented. We can do more (and better) even in a world of constraints.

Best regards. Thank you for your support and interest — Finith Jernigan FAIA