Makers of the Environment : Building Resilience Into Our World One Model at a Time, is available… get your copy now!

Hello and Happy Holidays,

My new book, Makers of the Environment : Building Resilience Into Our World One Model at a Time, was released in softcover by 4Site Press on December 15th. The Kindle version went live at Amazon a few days later. Additional ebook versions will be released soon after the first of the year. Stay tuned.

Makers of the Environment merges storytelling with everyday reality to offer a moment where we can rethink our expectations to understand how technology can and should be used to improve our world. The book makes the extraordinary ordinary, offering a vision on how society can take advantage of new and emerging technology to create a better, more sustainable world for our children.

Makers of the Environment shows how an organization in a small, depressed rural county can pull together to take advantage of the opportunities to become a world leader in the management of information to change our world. With systems and processes such as Makers describes, we for the first time in history can define and manage real-world assets. The book’s central design future forms the backbone for three scenarios showing how to use the information to improve the world.

The design futures include rich information, show how to take advantage of existing tools, and allow just-in-time decision-making, but they are not yet fully realized. The people in these scenarios are archetypes of the people who manage similar issues today. The stories and concepts in Makers are thought provoking and entertaining. The book offers a vision of more inclusive and resilient ways of managing and living in our built world. Nigel Davies, says of the book:

Finith’s approach to the highly dispersed subject of information management builds on the style he initiated in BIG BIM little bim, yet with in a much more ambitious context. His position is now firmly set as one of the foremost authors of modern information management techniques. His natural grasp of what is important, and this work’s fictional approach to the enigma of design information management helps the reader understand the implications of action and inaction from the human perspective.

Instead of a work of dry technical theories, Finith manages to exemplify concepts clearly and with real application. Finith has a wealth of knowledge to share and shares it exceedingly well. In fact, the “almost reality” style is so well written and so close to what we could and should, be doing, that I was wondering if I’d missed out on some major changes in the industry. With this book, you will be in a strong position, to play catch-up. For once a technical business book is worth adding to your night-time reading list.

You are one of the most potent change agents in our environment, whether you have recognized it, or not. Never before have people and communities had as much power to decide their futures, as they do today and in ways that are beneficial for people, places and the planet. For the first time in history, the tools and knowledge are available to enable us to meet this lofty goal. These are the issues that Makers of the Environment helps people to understand.

It is people like you and me that must become the starting point for aligning innovation, commerce and the common good to bring transparency, accountability and a caring, human focus back to our world. Together, we can create a resilient and positive environment in the twenty-first century. To do this, we need agility, sense of place, and a level of decision-making that is not yet well understood by most people.

The built environment consumes most of our fossil fuels. With the world heating up and fuel becoming ever scarcer, we must do something now. We have the tools to analyze consequences and change trajectories. It is our responsibility to promote sustainability and better decisions throughout our world. We must take action. There is no time to wait.

You are critical to the changes that are taking place in our world. The ability to interact with everything in the built environment is the most compelling aspect of the information that surrounds us. Easily using the distributed, multidimensional tools and processes that connect data from multiple sources is not a dream… people are doing it today. Collaborative processes, rich data repositories and advanced graphics are the seeds of this information revolution. Properly applied, the tools that make this transformation possible are straightforward and accessible. Anyone can apply them to their benefit.

Today’s technology lets us to talk to each other in ways that enable positive change.

Technology allows each of us to make decisions about the things that affect us personally.

Technology is leveling the field for everyone. No longer must we rely on experts talking at us as we find solutions to today’s most vexing problems. We can all take part directly in the decisions, with real data, to get greater certainty of outcomes.

Complexity has changed the nature of our world. There are significant barriers to improving things in the world today. Some of the barriers are due to ignorance… people do not know what they do not know. Some are due to inertia… people have a hard time changing to new ways of doing things. Some are due to self-interest… people are looking out for “number one.” Some of the barriers are slowing the change, and others are undermining the benefits to society.

Not long ago, we watched well-televised battles about whether we face a global energy and environmental crisis. Financial markets escalated as though investor confidence and price increases would last forever. Business was thriving. Few understood the power and opportunities that technology could make possible. Few had a vision for how to move forward. Through it all, there was little talk of real change.

Now, things are much different. We are recovering from the financial crash at a snail’s pace. Too many are still out of work. We are suffering the effects of poor planning and lack of transparency. A small fraction of society is reaping financial benefits from the low-hanging fruit. Through it all, information is becoming a commodity. Many are embracing new tools such as the iPad and smartphones. The cloud is becoming ubiquitous. A vision for the future remains elusive.

Order your copy of Makers of the Environment today at and use discount code 5MYDBUMN at checkout to receive a 15% discount off the cover price, as my way of thanking you for your support and for everything you do to make our world a better place.

I wish you and yours a merry holiday season and a happy new year!

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Finith Jernigan