Be among the first to learn about Makers of the Environment

I wanted to make sure that my circle of friends heard about a new opportunity for spreading the message that I write about in Makers of the Environment.

WPL Publishing Co., Inc., publishers of Construction Claims Advisor and Construction Advisor today announced the first 2012 webinar based upon my just released new book Makers of the Environment—Building Resilience Into Our World One Model at a Time. The webinar is titled:

Data, Collaboration and the Cloud — Prepare for Design-Build Practices of Tomorrow

And will take place on Thursday, January 26, 2012, 1:00-2:30 EST

There is a growing recognition that the future will revolve around open processes, collaborative decision-making and clearly understanding needs, assets and resources. In this program, we will talk about ways that you can work now, to become a leader and prepare for the future. The sooner you get involved, the more quickly you will find the successes to be repeatable, productive and commonplace. You can merge visualization, data and technology from many sources to plan, design, construct and manage the built environment better that you may have ever imagined.

In this program, we will discuss:

  • Why it is more critical than ever to be able to  make “go/no-go” decisions very early in the process.
  • Ways that we as the general public (and we as owners) can minimize the chances of being over budget, late or buried in problems
  • How to recognize the potential of teams and tools to help make more informed, fact-based decisions to avoid unplanned risk.

Savvy people know that we cannot rely on anecdotal tales and history… the fact that we did it that way for 20 (or 200) years does not work anymore. As a society we are beginning to understand that the pace of change, politics and financial complexity are all working to increase the opportunities for catastrophic errors of judgment. Whatever your current comfort level with information technologies, the demand for more technology is about to escalate, and my mission is to help you see why. Signup today to learn about where technology is leading society and how each of us can prepare for tomorrow.—Finith

Click Here for Details and to Sign Up Today

As part of your registration fee, WPL includes:

CD copy and handouts for your personal and company training needs
A free copy of Makers of the Environment: The 380-page book provides clarity about the tools needed to synthesize and reuse complex data, solve problems early in the design-build process, save costs, and increase profits and productivity. This unique book employs and information model paradigm to access additional data, allowing the reader to have the most current information available.  The book will give you ideas for streamlining decision making, improving project visualization, and achieving superior results during design, construction, and more.