BIG BIM Bang continues to grow

This morning an email arrived announcing the next in a series of Onuma Inc webinars on the recent BIMstorm BIG BIM Bang. The kickoff event in Washington, DC focused on the BIG DATA collaboration that Onuma has created with the California Community Colleges (CCC) system and the emerging possibilities and opportunities at Kaiser Permanente (KP).

The DC event focused on projects from Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Community College District and Mira Costa College. The organizations came to the program to highlight their efforts in embracing the new paradigms that are emerging in the AECOO industry.

Even if you have not been following the BIMstorm, you really should sit in on this free webinar. Sign up here to attend the webinar.

The presentation will highlight significant developments in the industry’s process of morphing into something new and exciting in this time of uncertainty and constraints. Where some are shouting from the rooftops about the demise of parts of the industry, this program offers a more optimistic view of the future. By embracing BIG DATA and distributed systems it is clearly possible for the AECOO industry to come out of the current crisis in a much stronger and more valuable position in the global economy.

The¬†California Community Colleges came with their highly successful FUSION + CCC GIS + Onuma system (check out John Roach’s latest video posting here).

Kaiser Permanente is exploring and testing. They are building on discussions among the Department of Defense Military Health System (DoD MHS), the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Kaiser Permanente (KP), and Sutter under the auspices of the Health Healthcare BIM Consortium.